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Solar air conditioner
Silva Solar Air-Conditioner absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using a vacuum solar collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system cooling and heating. We use a smaller compressor instead of standard compressors to run our system which saves electricity dramatically. A smaller compressor consumes much less electricity and works together with our solar collector to saving electricity.
Compare with current products:
* Current available technologies are neither practical nor cost-effective.
* Photovoltaic (PV) systems cost is many times more than a conventional air conditioner.
* Thermally driven absorption cooling requires costly, high-temperature collectors and undesirable cooling towers.
* Silva Solar Air-Conditioner quite fits the seasonal demand, which means, the COP is increased as the solar energy is most plentiful in the summer.
* Vacuum tube solar collectors were invented in the USA and China decades ago, mature technology and high quality will guarantee the performance of our Solar Air-Conditioner.
* Silva Solar Air-Conditioner is cost-effective. Our Solar Air-Conditioner system is produced in China, due to the low cost of the labor, land and R&D. The price of our Solar Air-Conditioner system is very competitive and affordable for our clients worldwide.
* Silva Solar Air-Conditioners can combine air-conditioning and solar hot water systems together, therefore enhance market attractiveness.
* Our products have all the functions as conventional Air-Conditioners do. Such as dehumidification and bacteria free ventilation to help refresh the air inside your home or business.
* Our standard products have different capacities which is easier to design larger systems that help fit the needs of any commercial project and make our system more customized.
* Easy installation, making operation time less consuming. Our system is compatible with conventional shafts, local conventional certified A/C installers can get installations done perfectly with 3 days training
Heating is optional TKFR-32GW TKFR-35GW TKFR-52GW TKFR-72GW  TKFR100GW 
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Capacity Cooling Btu/h 11000 12000 18000 24000 36000
W 3200 3500 5200 7200 10000
Heating Btu/h 12000 13000 19000 26000 38000
W 3500 3800 5700 7900 12000
Noise Indoor db(A) <40 ��40 ��48 ��50 ��55
Outdoor db(A) <50 ��50 ��56 ��58 ��65
Air Circulation m³/h 540 720 ��1000 1400 1700
Suitable Area 15~20 15~25 25~35 30-50 45-60
EER w/w 3.76 3.8 3.85 3.81 3.7
cop w/w 4.07 4.09 4.13 4.14 4.28
Input power Cooling W 850 920 1350 1890 2700
Heating W 860 930 1380 1910 2800
Rated Current Cooling A 3.86 4.18 6.13 8.59 12.27
Heating A 3.91 4.23 6.27 8.68 112.73
Indoor Unit Net mm 1010*325*200 1010*325*200 1090*325*220 1650*370*260 1650*370*260
Shipping mm 1065*375*255 1065*375*255 1170*395*300 1720*440*320 1720*440*320
Outdoor Unit Net mm 830*260*520 930*330*600 920*375*730 1000*410*960 980*370*1325
Shipping mm 890*360*590 995*390*650 1025*395*890 1085*435*1060 1085*435*1430
Indoor unit Net/shipping kg 15/18.5 15/18.5 18/22 32/36 34/38
Outdoor unit Net/shipping kg 42/46 51/56 61/66 91/98 118/126
Dimensions  Net/shipping mm 1000*550*87 1000*550*87 1000*550*87 1000*550*87 1000*550*87
Weight Net/shipping kg 14/16 14/16 14/16 14/16 14/16


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